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BRICKshop assembles your order with the greatest possible care! However, in case we make a mistake, we will go to great lengths to live up to your expectations (again). Firstly, we offer 100% warranty on all our sets!

Incorrect or incomplete delivery

Whenever your order happens to be incomplete or does not contain the requested items, we urge you to contact us through mail ( as soon as possible. Always mention your BRICKshop order number! Please check in advance wether the protective packaging used for transport has been removed from the original LEGO packaging. 

Missing compartments

LEGO sets have been assembled with great consideration. In case of missing compartments, however, LEGO offers excellent warranty and service. Complaints can be filed on the official LEGO website. Please go to their Customer Service page and indicate which items are exactly missing. In the majority of cases, LEGO will make sure the missing item will be delivered to you free of costs!

Furthermore, LEGO experts are available from Monday until Friday, 09:00 - 17:00. Please use the telephone number below. 

LEGO Benelux B.V.
Reply number/ freepost number 10793
4800 WB Breda

Tel.: 00800 - 5346 5555

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In case you do not receive any response from LEGO, please let us know and we will try our best to help. 

Please contact us if any questions remain.

LEGO Watches and Alarm Clocks

The support page can be used for LEGO ClicTime products in case you suspect a missing compartment or general misfunctioning.

Other complaints and/or suggestions

We would love to receive feedback from our customers. Please share your innovative ideas, suggestions and complaints with us! In case you are not completely satisfied with our service, let us know as well! We value your feedback and aim to change for the better.  

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LEGO 30545 Fish Free Builds (Polybag)
LEGO 30545 Fish Free Builds (Polybag)

LEGO 30547 Dragon Hunter (Polybag)
LEGO 30547 Dragon Hunter (Polybag)

LEGO 30535 Kai and the Fire Dragon (Polybag)
LEGO 30535 Kai and the Fire Dragon (Polybag)

LEGO 30534 Ninja Workout (Polybag)
LEGO 30534 Ninja Workout (Polybag)

LEGO 30571 Pelican (Polybag)
LEGO 30571 Pelican (Polybag)

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LEGO 30573 Santa (Polybag)

LEGO Nexo Knights Stone Giants' Gun (Polybag)
LEGO Nexo Knights Stone Giants' Gun (Polybag)

€ 1,99

LEGO Nexo Knights Rock Speeder (Polybag)
LEGO Nexo Knights Rock Speeder (Polybag)

€ 1,99

LEGO 30460 Rex's Plantimail Ambush (Polybag)
LEGO 30460 Rex's Plantimail Ambush (Polybag)

LEGO The Lego Movie 2 Verzamelalbum
LEGO The Lego Movie 2 Verzamelalbum

From: C.A.M. Kerkhof

De doos zonder een enkel deukje of scheurtje ontvangen (prima verpakt in een extra beschermende doos), maar .... de handleiding had in de doos een groot ezelsoor opgelopen, dat niet meer glad te strijken viel.
From: J van der Zee-Faber

Super snel!
From: Esther Middelkoop

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