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Packaging perfect.
From: Olivier WARNIER

All ok thanks for your service
From: Claudio Pavani

It was the first time we bought smth from this site and everything went so smooth. We are very glad about our choice and for sure we will come back with pleasure!
From: Duta Liviu-Marian

Fast dispatch and delivery. A+++
From: Carl Slack

So quick, safe. An excellent communication. Bravo pour votre réactivité et la rapidité de traitement
From: Daouya Commaret

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Latest products

LEGO 4000018 Production Kladno Campus 2015
LEGO 4000018 Production Kladno Campus 2015

LEGO 4000006 LEGO Kladno Campus 2012
LEGO 4000006 LEGO Kladno Campus 2012

LEGO Steen 1x2 with Masonry Profile LIGHT GRAY (100 pcs)
LEGO Steen 1x2 with Masonry Profile LIGHT GRAY (100 pcs)

LEGO Plate 1x6 DARK GRAY (100 pcs)
LEGO Plate 1x6 DARK GRAY (100 pcs)

LEGO 70828 Pop-Up Party Bus
LEGO 70828 Pop-Up Party Bus

€ 94,99

LEGO 70824 Introducing Queen Watevra Wa'Nab
LEGO 70824 Introducing Queen Watevra Wa'Nab

€ 22,99

LEGO 70823 Emmets Tricycle
LEGO 70823 Emmets Tricycle

€ 14,99

LEGO 70820 LEGO Movie Maker
LEGO 70820 LEGO Movie Maker

€ 54,99

LEGO 41346 Friendship Box
LEGO 41346 Friendship Box

€ 54,99

LEGO 30361 Fire Quad (Polybag)
LEGO 30361 Fire Quad (Polybag)

NL-6322584 150px

LEGO Education 150px


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