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The time of delivery of your order at BRICKshop depends on the chosen payment method. Orders will not  be delivered in parts, all items will be sent at once. We advise you to place a separate order if you would like to receive an item in advance.  

The symbols below appear alongside each item and indicate the expected time of delivery, counted onwards from the moment we receive your payment. The number of items in stock and consequently the number of items ready for delivery is presented on each product page.

The product page will also indicate if an item is for sale in our store. These items will not be sent by mail and cannot be reserved in advance. 


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When ordered and paid for, during office hours, shipped the same day!

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Expected date of delivery is mentioned. The item in question will be in stock soon!

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Expected date of delivery is mentioned. The item in question will be in stock soon! This symbol indicates sets of items new in our assortment. Orders can still be placed. We will send you your items as soon as they are in stock again, provided that the item has been paid for. 

For items that are immediately available and which you wish to receive sooner, please do create a separate order. BRICKshop does not ship partial orders. We only ship complete orders.

not in stock 15 Out of stock

Delivery time unknown and delivery cannot be guaranteed. We try our best to deliver you your order. 

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When will I receive my order?
Our shipping agents process requests on working days and on Saturdays. Items in stock ordered before the indicated deadline will still be sent on the same day. 99% of our orders in The Netherlands and Belgium arrive within one working day. Orders sent abroad normally take some days longer. 

Time of deliverly depends upon variable factors such as availability, method of payment and delivery address. You can estimate the expected total time of delivery yourself by adding up the expected payment processing time and the expected delivery time.   

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Livraison le surlendemain, prix très intéressant. Je recommande ce site et je passerai d’autres commandes.
From: Guilhem Sedikki-Cuvier

Excellent service! Arrived in perfect condition. Could not recommend highly enough!
From: Cameron Goron

Quite difficult to order. A search bar where you put the item name would be useful
From: Susan Powell

The service was great: fast, cheap and transperent. Just that I had to sign on and it was not possible to order as a guest is a shortcoming. But in the end it won't metter, since I surely will order again.
From: Maria Schwarz

Very quick delivery. All good and well packaged. Good value for money. Have used a few times and always been good. Thanks.
From: Chris Davies

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