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Your are now here: Home FAQ What is LEGO Dimensions?

What is LEGO Dimensions?

LEGO DimensionsWhat is LEGO Dimensions?
Almost everyone is familiar with LEGO games such as Batman, Lord of the Rings and the LEGO versions of famous galaxies. Those LEGO Games are immensely popular. After the success of Disney Infinity and Skylanders, a similar LEGO game was to be expected.  

LEGO Dimensions is a game on PS3/PS4/WiiU/Xbox360 or XboxOne that involves playing with real LEGO toys in a virtual reality. The physical toys are placed on a special platform and can then be seen and used in the virtual reality of the game.  

Build and rebuild
LEGO Dimensions will differ from similar types of games as LEGO Games focus on the building of LEGO constructions. Thus, before you are able to play the game, you are first required to build your own Portal using the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack. The LEGO bricks needed to build this Portal can be found in separate parts in the box itself together with building sets for the vehicles that can be placed onto the Portal. 

LEGO Dimensions Vehicles and Gadgets

Of course, many LEGO Dimensions Characters coming form the existent LEGO Games will be available. Next to this, you can shape the game to your own liking by adding vehicles and gadgets. Furthermore, LEGO would not be LEGO if it would not be possible to build all vehicles and gadgets in three different ways! This feature is even added to the virtual game play, which means that you will have to rebuild your vehicle to proceed to the next level. Use the special LEGO Toy Tag to save your newly constructed vehicle. You now have access to your vehicle in a different LEGO Portal, for example the one of your best friend. Happy playing!

LEGO Dimensions Sets/Packages

Four different sets of LEGO Dimensions will be available at the time of release in September 2015. The Starter Pack is among those four. You will need this pack to get started with the LEGO Dimensions game. Different Starter Packs exist for the different types of game computers since the LEGO Portal needs to be connected to the game computer and the physical disc itself. All other LEGO Dimensions Figures and Vehicles within the Starter Pack can be played with on other versions of LEGO Dimensions Portals and Games as well. The same applies to the other three LEGO Dimensions sets. 

A complete overview of the different sets of LEGO Dimensions and their contents can be found below. Click on the links to surf to a web page that elaborates on all editions of the particular set. 

LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack
The LEGO Dimensions Starter Packs are available for Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Nintendo WiiU, Xbox360 en XboxOne. One Starter Pack includes everything you need to start playing in the world of LEGO Dimensions. One pack contains:

  • The LEGO Dimensions game
  • The LEGO Toy Pad
  • All LEGO bricks and separate parts to build the LEGO Gateway
  • 3 LEGO mini figures : Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle
  • The LEGO Batman Batmobile vehicle

LEGO Dimensions Level Packs
The Level Packs are the largest extension sets avaiable and can be used in combination with all versions of the Starter Pack. The LEGO Dimensions Level Packs are theme-based and always include:


  • 1 LEGO Dimensions Mini Figure
  • 1 LEGO Dimensions Vehicle
  • 1 LEGO Dimensions Gadget
  • 1 LEGO Dimensions Level/World

LEGO Dimensions Team Packs
The Team Packs are medium-large extensions sets and can be used in combination with all versions of the Starter Pack.
The LEGO Dimensions Team Packs are theme-based and always include:

  • 2 LEGO Dimensions Figures
  • 2 LEGO Dimensions Vehicles or Gadgets

LEGO Dimensions Fun Packs
The Fun Packs are the smallest extension sets avaiable and can be used in combination with all versions of the Starter Pack. 
The LEGO Dimensions Fun Packs are theme-based and always include:

  • 1 LEGO Dimensions Figure
  • 1 LEGO Dimensions Vehicle or Gadget

LEGO Dimensions Waves
Not all LEGO Dimensions Level,Team and Fun Packs and Figures will be directly available at the LEGO Dimensions release date. The packs will be released in so-called Waves. The release date in September 2015 is only the first of those Waves. Check the LEGO Dimensions Wave Page for an overview of all LEGO Dimensions Waves. 

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Product was excellent but I paid for express delivery by DHL to arrive on a date of my son's birthday birthday. The parcel arrived late and was late for the birthday. The extra cost was wasted. and I was disappointed.
From: Eileen Devaney

Skid Steer Loader : a fun little kit to buiild and use. The BRICKshop web page is easily searchable and browseable, so it was easy to find inspiration. The delivery was swift and hassle-free (even to the UK)
From: Niall Hedderley

Fantastic if it wasn't for the fact I had to pay a customs charge or tax on it. Fck brexit bs. Not your fault but I guys could mention to uk customers in future just so people don't get surprised like me
From: Mantas Kirvaitis

This is out 3rd time ordering from Brickshop and it wont be out ast. Shipping to Denmark is a bit expensive (obviusly) but the great prices and huge selection makes it worth it every time
From: Anders Hjort

Right before the Christmas!!! Thank you very much for your everything!!! You are the best shop!!! Cannot wait new arrivals and free products!!! Only buying from this shop for sure!!!
From: Sergei Kirjuhhin

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